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Curriculum Vitae / CV / Resumé


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Education:  BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design 1987 and a Masters in Design Research from the Design Academy Eindhoven 2002.


Languages: Fluent in English and Portuguese and communicates in Spanish, Dutch and French.


Urban Experience: An eclectic cultural experience having lived 12 years in Washington DC, 13 years in Brasilia, 7 in New York City, 8 in Amsterdam and 7 in Rio de Janeiro.


Dual Nationality: American and Brazilian currently living between Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Born Washington DC 1964.



2010 – Wrote article for University of Maastricht publication “Art and Activism in the Age of Globalization”. An article recounting my experiences as an artist and activist from 1993 to present and if the combination of the two is possible. Publication date September 2010.


2009 – Commissioned by SICA (Dutch Foundation of International Cultural Activities) to write a 30 page report for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dutch Ministry of Culture and Education entitled “Mapping Theater in Brazil”. I was one of 15 Brazilian specialists commissioned to map various fields of cultural expression in Brazil. The report is a guide for the Dutch (or any foreigner) who like to engage in cultural exchange with Brazil. Whenever representatives of SICA are in Brazil I am asked to consult with them.


2010 – Asked by the Dutch Consulate to make a presentation about Brazilian theater scene to the “Brazil in Amsterdam Festival” organizing committee of the Beurschouwburg of Amsterdam.


2010 – Asked by the Belgian Consulate to make a presentation about the Brazilian theater scene to the organizing committee of the “Europalia Festival”.


2010 – Curator for Danća em Foco (An International Dance-Video Festival in Rio de Janeiro) asked me to be one of three curators/jurors to select 5 artists to receive money prizes to produce dance-video artworks. Job entailed evaluating 100 applications, reading resumés, budgets and sinopses of works. Deliberation took place with two other jurors: Marcus Moraes and Felipe Ribeiro.


2008 - Mentor at DasArts of 9 students in Advanced Studies of Performing Arts Amsterdam. Theater director Dirk Verstockt and I came up with and gave a 10 week workshop with a budget of 50,000 euros. We called the workshop “Renting the Shade of a Tree” in which we gave lectures, invited lecturers and gave performance assignments on rethinking notions of the future in light of the 17 world problems as laid out in the book The Meaning of the 21st Century by James Martin.


2010 - Mentor for CoLABoratório: Worked as mentor of 10 dancers in Teresina and Rio for 3 week periods. Workshop based on my own workshop called “Relevancy, Imagination and Avoiding Cliché in the Creation of Performance, Dance and Theater”. Organized by the Panorama Dance Festival, Rio de Janeiro.


2009 – International Performance Festival of Belo Horizonte invited three artists to give a one week workshop on image, sound and text. I was chosen for image. Other two artists were Luca Forucci and Lúcio Agra.


2009 – Designing for Post-Olympic Awareness: Workshop for students of architecture and design at the University Veiga de Almeida, Rio de Janeiro. Discussed the role of the designer for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and the ethical implications in packaging palliative, cosmetic and temporary projects. Students create urban solutions for the city that will outlast the Games.


2010 – 2011 – City of Crato: An Art Decó Secret in the Brazilian Drylands. Currently requesting funds for independent research into the peculiar architecture of Crato. The research will recount its origins, why it’s so well preserved, and how to broaden the aesthetic to architectural aberrations within the city. Result will be a book rich in photos, drawings and computer renderings.


  2000 – The Poetic Potential of Space - Essay written for a series of books of the Seven Hills Millennium Exhibit at the Martin Gropius Museum in Berlin, May 2000. Appeared in Volume 3 Cosmos - Suns, Moons, Galaxies: Passage to the Unknown.


2000 – Daimler Chysler Aeropspace, Bremen, Germany – Collaborated in market study for Cultural Utilization of the International Space Station.


2002 - Ceci N’est Pas Mon Soleil – Exhibit commissioned by the European Space Agency to create artworks using satallite photography from the agencies solar fleet of satellites: SOHO, ULYSSES and CLUSTER. Salle Gaveau, Paris.


2003 – Speaker at Art and Science Symposium, Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro. Spoke about the History of Art in Space.


2003 – Technical University of Delft – Gave workshop about lunar architecture to undergraduate students of aerospace engineering sponsored by the university’s Architecture Department.


2004 – Speaker at Proeflokaal 7 Event in Rotterdam. 18 artists were invited to speak at the Rotterdam Municipal Theater about the Srebenica massacre.




Author and performer of the following works:


1998 - 1999 – From Sand to Sea, Performance with dance and sand drawings with Andrea Jabor presented in various cities in Venezuela and Brazil.

2002 – 2006 - Artist in residence at the Kunstencentrum Nona in Mechlen, Belgium where I created Airplanes & Skyscrapers, Isadora.Orb and Empire Love to Love You Baby among others. Granted the New Artists Tour through Holland and showed works in theaters like Culturgest in Lisbon, De Singel in Antwerp and the National Review of Live Arts in Glasgow amongst many others.

2006 – present, Showed works at the main festivals of Brazil - Won various grants such as Caixa Economica and Funarte Petrobras (State banks and oil company). Performed in venues such as Les Halles de Schaarbeek in Brussels, Menagerie de Verre in Paris, KaaiTheater in Brussels and TeatroStageFest in NYC. In October 2010 I will premiere my latest work: “Koyaanisqatsi The Performance” co-produced by the KaaiTheater in Brussels.

Visit my website: www.rickyseabra.com


About my works critics have written:

Suspense is maintained from beginning to end in the performance of objects and projections Airplanes & Skyscrapers, manipulated with brilliance by American-Brazilian Ricky Seabra. The attacks of September 11, 2001 are re-examined through the magical prism of the memory of Seabra, a fan since childhood of planes and skyscrapers. The two are subject of an emotional decoding related to the life of the artist. Seabra works out a sophisticated scenario in which he manipulates images cut out from magazines, composes collages, makes miniature planes glide, shows archive footage. One misses nothing of this definitive epos like the loss of innocence and faith in the future. After Ricky Seabra, one can no longer look at airplanes and skyscrapers the same way.

- Rosita Boisseau - LE MONDE, Paris


Isadora.orb cleverly mixes dance and audiovisuals. Fine humor, great precision and good use of technical means and live movement.

- Carlos Gil Zamora, REVISTS ARTEZ, Bilbao


Empire is a light-hearted, intelligent performance. Seabra doesn't do more than collect images from TV, films and internet, as far as they fit his subject. A bit like Michael Moore. But Seabra doesn't feel the need to convince his audience. Moore makes his arguments with a hammer - which has its value - and Seabra with the wink of an eye.

- Marc Cloostermans, DE STANDAARD, Brussels




Co-founder of Architecture of Movement dance company with Andrea Jabor - The company completed 10 years in 2010 and currently comprises of 6 dancers. We have received the Klauss Vianna Grant of Funarte Petrobras in addition to grants from the State of Rio. In 2010 the company completed a trilogy about Samba.


2009 – present -  Belas Estratégias  is the company founded by Ricky Seabra, Andrea Jabor and Bia Jabor that enables them to request education, curatorial and art grants. It began in 2004 with Bia executing research, education and curatorial projects in partnership with Luiz Guilherme Vergara, Oi Futuro in Rio, The National Historical Museum and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In 2009 artistic partners Ricky and Andrea joined Bia and formed Belas Estratégias (Beautiful Strategies). Together Ricky and Andrea bring various projects to the company’s curriculum. Andrea as an independent artist won several State and corporate for the maintenance of Arquitetura do Movimento while Ricky with his own works won grants from SESCs for touring the country, the Klauss Vianna Grant as well as the Caixa Economica.


In the 90s I worked at Miramax Films in NYC where I was part of the creative team that designed posters for films such as Pulp Fiction, the Piano and the House of the Spirits. Other studios included Indika Design NYC and Propeg Advertising and Marketing in Brasilia. I also directed the video segments along with Ricardo Nauemberg for a Hamilton Vaz Pereira play. Between 1989 and 1992 I was known as the “airplane artist” and I have one piece in the collection of the National Art Museum in Brasilia.



Last updated – May 19, 2010

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+55 21 8204-5382 / yo@rickyseabra.com / Skype: rickyseabra